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> New Affiliate Program launched by the Depositphotos microstock agency. Commission up to 30%!
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We would like to introduce a brand new Affiliate Program launched by the Depositphotos microstock agency – http://depositphotos.com/affiliate.

If you have a website devoted to design, advertising, photography or videography, you can easily increase your income with our Affiliate Program.

The Depositphotos Affiliate Program has high commission rates, stable and high conversions, and a wide range of promo materials. At the moment, the agency’s website functions in 15 languages, and we’re interested in attracting traffic from all over the world.

Hundreds of our users have already enjoyed the benefits of the Affiliate Program. You, too, are welcome to become our affiliate!

Our benefits:
• High commission: earn a 30% commission on purchases by new clients and 15% on purchases by existing clients – the best rate among photobanks!
• Variety of promo materials: We offer a wide choice of banners, links in different languages, emails and much more.
Special widget: Once you install our easy-to-use code on your website, you will get a mini-photobank with access to more than 20 million files. Users can search for files right from your website!
• Advanced reports updated in real time.
• Payments are provided upon request. The minimum withdrawal amount is $50.
• A personal account manager will answer any of your questions 24/7.

We have launched a special widget that allows you to add a mini-photobank with a search functionality to your website. Users will be able to look for images or videos directly from your website. They will only need to go to our website in order to complete a purchase. You will receive a commission for each purchase! Besides, the widget will definitely make your website more attractive.
You can choose which types of files to display – photos, vectors, video, editorial images or – all of the above. All you have to do is add your tracking link to the widget and specify a few parameters, and you’ll easily create a unique widget ready to be installed on your website.
Join the Affiliate Program – and start earning with Depositphotos right now!

To get started, please join our Affiliate Program, get your personal tracking link, choose promo materials, copy the code and insert it to your website. Start tracking the stats in your account.

If you have any questions, contact us at affiliates@depositphotos.com, or feel free to ask us directly in this forum.
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